Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

So I guess a long family tradition has ended.  We have always decorated the tree together as a family, since the kids were old enough to do so.  Even when they grew up and moved away, at lease one of them, if not all would come and we would make hot chocolate, play Christmas music and decorate the tree together as we always did.  Every year I would  buy a special ornament for each of them and give it to them that night.  This year it was just Tim and I.  It was kind of sad, but they all have their own families and busy lives.  I missed it though.  But here is our tree.

Tim and I  started a tradition years ago; everywhere we travel, we buy an ornament from that place, state, country. I write the tear on each one.  It is fun to remember each of those places  as I hang the ornaments on the tree.

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