Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Party for Justus

Yesterday was my grandson Justus's birthday.  His mom had his party at the park.  He wanted a Star Wars party!  Jennifer made his cake.  The kids had a lot of fun playing together. After the party he got to come home with Granny and Papa to spend the night.  Can you believe he was willing to leave all the new loot  at home and come with his Granny and Papa?  He was excited to stay with us.  We had homemade chili for dinner (which he kept telling me how good it was), played Wahoo and watched movies.  I love spending time with him! He is such a blessing to me. He is so much like my son when he was a little boy.  I am so grateful Andrea shares him with us. Thank you Andrea!
6 years old today, Sept. 8th.  Isn't he precious?
Water Balloon Toss
R2 - D2 Cake, made by Aunt Jennifer.
Getting ready for cake!
Such a cutie!
Justus with mom (Andrea)
The fun part, gifts!!
Justus and his Granny
Aunt Megan and Papa


  1. He is beautiful, Linda! So glad you had this wonderful day with him!

  2. Hi Linda! Stopped by your blog and loved seeing these pictures of your beautiful family! Thank you for sharing :-) Hope to see you again soon, Brenda x