Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Flash Cards!

I had my First "Flash Card Class last night.  I wanted to share the cards we made.  I let my ladies make 3 of each design.  But the concept here is...you actually get 8 of each.  So you can sit down and make 8 of the same card with minimal card stock.  So you could make up a stack of cards to have on hand in a little time, with minimal card stock. You could stamp different greetings on them or leave them blank and stamp the greeting as you need it.  It is a great concept and I cased every one of these from my friend Connie Stewart.  I did change a few things like embossing folders or ribbon, greeting, etc., but these were her original ideas.  I plan to do another class using this idea in the future.  I will let you know when and you should really come and learn how to do this!!

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