Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A message that was laid upon my heart.

I wanted to share something that happened to me yesterday....

Monday night I did a very stupid thing and clicked yes to an update on my computer which turned out to be Malware or whatever it is called.  It was a nightmare!  Tuesday I took my computer up to a little shop to see if they could remove it.  While I was filling out my paperwork the guy asked me if I went to church and then proceeded to talk to me in a very soft calming voice about God and how important it is to have a relationship and how God is the one true thing in life and it is important to be happy and healthy and always put God first and things the Bible said and on and on.  Not in a bad way, I just can't remember every word. At first I was skeptical.  He went on to say, he was not speaking to me himself, that God was using him to speak to me.  It brought tears to my eyes because he was right,  I have lost my way.  I haven't had that relationship in a long time and I wonder why things happen or don't happen.  I do not turn it over to God anymore.  I try to do everything, and figure everything out on my own.  He told me that this computer problem would be what changes things.  I know he meant me going there and him sharing.

I came home and got out a devotional book that a friend had given to me a couple of months ago.  My friend said the Lord had put Tim and I on his heart and he ordered each of us one of thees little books.  He said it had changed his life and others he knew also.  He told us that when he read it, the message was exactly what he needed at that time.  Well, sadly, I read a couple and it got put aside.  So I opened it to yesterdays date and read and it was the same message, worded differently.  So, coincidence or God-incidnce?  I think the later.

This morning I got my devotional book  and read today's message....I won't type the whole thing but here is part of it.... Worship Me in the beauty of holiness.  I created beauty to declare the existence of My Holy Being.  A magnificent rose, a hauntingly glorious sunset, oceanic splendor--all those things were meant to proclaim My Presence in the world.  Most people rush past these proclamations without giving them a second thought........

I went out and sat in my porch swing and enjoyed the soft rain and watched my little wrens feed their babies.  I then walked barefoot on the wet grass and enjoyed feeling the cool wet grass, as rain does not come often anymore. And I thank God for this cooler day in July, the little bit of rain we did get and for the birds who chose the bucket on my back porch to make their home.

I know that I need to give my life back to my creator.  I just have to take the time each day to spend with Him.

And here are pictures of the little wrens. The babies are in the bucket.


  1. AMEN!! Glad that God is WOOING you back and you are open to hearing.

  2. goose bump....... the computer guy was right God put the words in is mouth Fallow your heart Hugs to you

  3. Love you my dear friend. I know it was God too. He loves you and has His arms planted firmly around you...He has never left your side. Thanks for sharing and I will continue praying for you. Big hugs!