Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Preserve Those Memories!!

Do you have a camera, phone, iPad, or boxes of photos? Do you know someone who recently graduated, went on a trip, or just had a baby? Did you go on vacation with family? Did you just get married or planning a wedding? Do you have grandchildren or a child getting ready to start school?

I can help you preserve those memories. I am looking for people interested in memory keeping (NOT traditional scrapbooking) or burned out scrapbookers who want to document their photos without draining your wallet, energy or time. No creativity required!! No gluing or cropping needed. It's so quick, easy, and most of all affordable.

I'd love to show you how you can create beautiful albums documenting your story without all the energy and time of traditional scrapbooking. I can me....

This is my cover page.  I did put a little more work into this, but the rest of the book is not like this page.

See how many pages I have???  And it was easy peasy! And it is done!!  I can now share my awesome vacation and experiences with others.


  1. Your Project Life by Stampin' Up! looks great, Linda. I wish that I could see more pages. Diane said your album was terrific. Good job!

  2. Thanks! I will post more a little later.