Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Date Night

I was perusing Pinterest one day, (don't you love Pinterest/)and I came across an idea for date nights.  As I kept looking into this topic I found a ton of great ideas.  I decided to take an idea I found in a few different spots which was to make up a date night(or day) for every month and give this to my husband as a Christmas gift.  I am still working on my envelopes, but I started thing....we don't spend enough time together. We are together, but we don't really spend quality time together.  I know some of you know what I am talking about.  I stated planning dates for us NOW, trying to do some different and special things.  This was one evening I planned last month. I made a tent with various sheets and Mosquito netting, blankets, pillows and of course twinkle lights! It was quite a chore making the tent, but it was so fun and romantic.

 We played a game where we had to highlight words in a book to make a message to each other.  Once we highlighted the word we would write the page number on a pad of paper.  When we were finished we gave the book and paper to each other and we had to go through the book and write the words from each page to decipher the message.  It was fun! And funny!

 We had dinner on the back porch before walking down to the tent for the evening.

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