Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

I was working in my stamp room this morning trying to get some things ready for my class this weekend and decided I needed a little break.  I went out to check on my chicken and it was so nice  I decided to take  a little walk to see what I could discover.  I was looking for signs of spring and I found some. I  just took some deep breaths and wandered around for a little while. Here is what I observed while on my little excursion.  I wanted to post these this morning, but just had so much to do before work.  So here ya go, hope you enjoy!

Isn't this incredible?  How often do we stop and watch a bee gather pollen?  Most of the time we see them as a nuisence and swat them away.  But it is amazing to get a close up look at them at work.  Have you ever just sat and watched a garden spider spin her web?  Amazing!!! Or a butterfly flitting from flower to flower?

The Red Bud trees are blooming

Found this little lady busy traveling around and followed her  for a while.

My chicken's eggs.  Love fresh eggs!

Aren't these little flowers sweet?

Don't forget to go out and spend a few minutes enjoying the things we often overlook or take for granted.  You will discover lots of things if you just look.  It will do your soul good! 

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