Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Suprise from my friend Julie!

I have to tell you this short little story first....While at Leadership in Orlando, our little group went to a Vera Bradley outlet store.  My Up-line Rolanda LOVES Vera Bradley.  I am not so crazy about it.  So I was just wandering around.  Then she shows me this purse and suggests that I should get it to carry while on our trip to Figi/New Zealand...small, over the shoulder bag.  I decided yes that would be good, found one in my favorite color combination, red and black.  Then she shows me these cute passport holders.  Well, I REALLY wanted one to match my bag, but they didn't have any in this color. So I didn't get my passport holder. (The bag is pretty cute, huh?)

The purse and cosmetic bag I bought.
So fast forward to last Friday night....We were holding our Stamp Shoppe at The Christian Care Center.  I forgot a couple of things and Julie my downline and good friend ran back to get them for me.  Later that night when I got home and went out to my stamp room, look what I found!  These were wrapped in a clear bag with a pretty red ribbon.  My Passport cover to match my purse AND matching flip flops!  I was so excited and surprised!  She left them when she had came by earlier that evening.  She is so thoughtful and sweet!!  I have the most terrific girls on my Ladybug Stamper Team!!

Passport holder, flip flops and sweet card from Julie


  1. Oh how fun! I just love those flip flops!!

    1. I know! It is too cold to wear them now, but I will be taking them to Figi!!