Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings

As I sit in my little office space upstairs working on my business, I stop to gaze out the windows.  I love the view from this room.  I can see the garden and chicken house in the back and the open area with the big oak tree out front.  Today it is cold and rainy, but every few minutes the sun tries to peak out and the water droplets on the bare tree limbs sparkle like jewels. I can hear the birds singing and it is so peaceful.  I wish I could wrap up in a blanket, sit by the window and read a book today....but I have to go in to work later, so I will have only a short while left to enjoy this moment.  We all need to stop and enjoy peace and tranquility when it is given to us.  Sit and be still and see the beauty before our eyes.  Ten minutes out of our day to stop and marvel at our surroundings, really listen and just breathe it all in can do wonders for the soul.

I even spotted a daffodil from my window.

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